Saloon Songs

by That's Life

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released April 12, 2011



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That's Life Phoenix, Arizona

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Track Name: All Trash No Class
will you sugar coat your mondays for me
i'm not the man that everybody thinks i am

and when you die i'll lay you down so slowly
those pearly gates don't mean shit without you and me everyday i see other men walk with queens but I'm not one of them it's all just as it seems your empathic but fuck i'm pathetic

i'm done i'm moving on, i'm done with you! this pretentious posturing, it's all we do

as the sun comes burning through my window, i'm reminded once again that i'll never have a next of kin
will you dread the days the rain comes falling
lock our doors till the summer comes calling

one of these days I feel that
one of these days i'll grow up
one of these days
Track Name: It Could Happen, But It Won't
i had a daydream today, that truth was beauty
and we all practiced critical thinking maybe gaza was free, maybe we weren't living... on our knees

can you imagine a world where everyone stopped shopping at walmart just because where everyone shut the fuck up, went back to work stopped worrying about whats entitled to them realized we are all on the same boat and that ship was sinking america started producing more than she was consuming but probably not, but what a nice thought.
Track Name: Jeans In The Shower
who's going to love you when you're self hating, they're hating, they praise their gods from foreign lands while they strive for perfection
throw a fit in silence, trapped in repose and regret, i swore never to say never again

this time i'll get it right
i swear to you that nothing is alright so sleep tight

well i'm on my own and I think I can handle it
i'm fine i'm fine i' fine don't ask me one more time i'm fine
resolve with sweet abandon, buried means and inhibition, maybe this time, maybe never
maybe we don't need a resolution

you got like this
Track Name: Dougie
I can't feel my legs
half the time
radiate me
make me feel fine

they make the food that turns you ill
they make your drugs they make your pills

monopoly of suffering it affects you it affects me
don't expect a cure, when the money is in the disease
Track Name: Burning Ears, Empty Skull
the plan is simple, the plan is revenge i dug two graves, and started dancing on the heels of regret, and broken romance we are behind your back but we're still laughing and i think it's overrated

you are the joke, and we are the punchline laying waste to the martyrdom chorus line i'll trade motion and action, over closed minds and static aurora surround me with soothing arctic sky, the highway engulfs me, there's so much left to see, i can't stand waiting, day to night, i cant save to save my life
Track Name: Donner Party
you're hate comes in 31 flavors which one is today
then you hate yourself and we hate it is it time to grow up or is it better off this way

you were the only one who thought i'd amount to anything, two months in williamsburg and now you're better than me you seem so far away please come back it's time to get over yourself, time to get over everyone else

now you've got the scars to prove that your not immune to this world it's still crushing me it's not crushing you but you want it to because you you want attention and now you've got it

fake problems
fake problems you fucking got em
Track Name: Public Funds, Private Prisons
the human condition in the land of the free
where prisons so busy they are actually outsourcing
they'll shamelessly lobby for stricter sentencing
what kind of monster wants that market free?

and i don't know what i think about this world anymore, and i don't know who to trust what to trust,
but i do know the score

what democracy? we are not involved in writing policy,
how do you figure free the imprison you and they'll imprison me?

1/16, 1/6 and 1/3!

how bad must it get? before you pick up a paper and turn of your cable tv set
Track Name: What Would Jesus Hate
follow your god who brought the plagues and celebrate him they ex-communicate those who don't relate
the purest irony hate disguised as love and this is their idea of a better world for you and me hypocritical but that's alright after their kneeling the purest irony war disguised as peace well maybe judas had a good thing going

I can't forgive the hate you spread on this world in his name

who has the rights to this land? who's the real son of abraham?

this book is a weapon, but everyone thinks their chosen!

follow your god who brought the plagues your god who hates us all and celebrate his contradictions believe war is murder, believe war is terror

jesus hates you're shitty hardcore band
Track Name: You Are Not A Patriot, You Are A Jackass
amazing deficits, let's melt their silver spoons down
trickle down economics, the water never touched the ground another page in our history, of their precious freedoms and our wage slavery

i can be your little machine for you if you fill my head with prophecies if you work me until i bleed i'm your little machine

absurd revolutions, defending the status-quo, if you don't know you don't need to know, devoid of common sense so easily mislead holding their cognitive dissonance.

the're counting on it!
Track Name: So Long, We're Worthless
all our hearts are more twisted than macgwoans smile now please don't forget it there's dopamine in my blood steam who the fuck needs drug abuse when you live like this

when I hear then six strings screaming, that's when I start to feel it and when I start to think that my life's not going anywhere i pick up my guitar to feel some sense of purpose but it doesn't matter anyway

I won't let them take this from me no matter how hard I try is there anything left here for me? should i lay down and die?

one by one like bricks in the wall they weem to fall not going to live my life by anybody else's standard don't live for them, don't live for anyone